Generation Y (Deluxe Version)

by Chazz Valentine

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“This album feels like a personal journal for the last 12 or so years of my life. So much love, pain, anger, hope, and so much more has gone into it, to create this diverse selection of songs. I never sat down with a musical style in mind to create. I feel like that will only put me in a box and stop me from being honest and as creative as I can be.

I recorded and mixed all of these songs in my home studio ( I originally started this album when I was around 18. It wasn't my intention at the time to put an album together, just to write honest songs (that didn't fit in with 'The Rabble's style) when inspiration struck. A few years later my friend 'Taron' asked me to write a song for his wedding. Then "The Brightest Star" was born, which turned out to be quite successful and really started the 'Chazz Valentine' journey.

After my son was born (around a year and a half ago) I had a massive burst of inspiration again and 7 more tracks were written that made the album.

Generation Y is an honest album filled with songs from the heart. Nothing on here is fake. I really think it can be heard in the music and hope that people can relate to the words.”

Generation Y

Release Date: December 4th 2016

Track List:

1 Can't Make It Alone
2 Dear God
3 It's Been Too Long
4 Can't Deny It
5 The Brightest Star
6 Hook, Line, and Sinker (Featuring Tony Smith)
7 Pleasantville
8 I Just Don't Care
9 Reaching High
10 S.O.S. (Featuring Rupe Rabble)
12 Life in a Heartbeat (Dustin's Song)
13 Generation Y


released December 4, 2016

All songs written by Chazz Valentine, except "Unstoppable", written by Chazz Valentine and Rupe Rabble.

Additional vocals on "Unstoppable" by Rupe Rabble
Additional vocals on "Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tony Smith.
Additional keys / organ by Jude Hassett

Recording / Production / Mixing / Mastering by Chazz Valentine at Number 8 Wire Recording Studio Ltd



all rights reserved


Chazz Valentine Auckland, New Zealand

Chazz Valentine is a solo project from "Chazz Rabble" (Singer / Guitarist from The Rabble). It's honest, heart on your sleeve music with a wide range of influences, ranging from 'Country' to straight up Punk Rock.

"The Nothing" is a side project that Chazz and "Tony Smith" created. It's 90's - 00's influenced punk rock.
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Track Name: Can't Make It Alone
Verse 1:
Well I can stand by, watch my life pass in the blink of an eye,
or take to the world and forget that I,
Have these demons locked up inside.
But maybe, I'll find a way through all these boundaries,
Get back to the place where I can breathe
motivation is something we all need. - Woohoo.

But I can't make it alone, no I can't make it alone
If I said I could, maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was wrong!?

Verse 2:
Well it's a sad, sad world, that we're living in,
When you can't even pick yourself up you just give in,
The ones that you love their all questioning what went wrong. What went wrong?
Come on and pour me a drink, things get messy when I think,
Or throw me a lifeline cause I'm about to sink
I've lost my direction but my compass - it points to the truth, all along

Chorus 2:
But I can't make it alone, no I can't make it alone (Oh no I can't)
If I said I could, maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was wrong!?

Our hearts beat the same I know,
So hold my hand and we'll take this slow ooh ow ow ow. Woo oh ow.